Honorary Consul, Texas

Malawi's first honorary consul in the United States, Jordan Scofield Price, of Wimberley, Texas


Welcome — and THANK YOU for your interest in the Honorary Consulate of Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa! Our first Honorary Consul in the United States is Jordan Scofield Price. He resides in Wimberley, Texas with his wife Heather and was appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation after a decade of service to the Republic. The role of our Honorary Consul is to work with the Malawi Mission in the United States of America to enhance bilateral relations in trade, investment, tourism, economy, culture and science between both countries.

Malawi is Africa at its purest, offering unique and extraordinary experiences. From its undulating mountains to the shores of its stunning lake, the country has traditionally been overlooked as a mainstream destination—which means you will find hidden gems and authentic and genuine people. 

Mr. Price’s initial visit to Africa was in 2006, when he served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kingdom of Lesotho. He later visited ten African countries, eventually moving to Malawi in 2009 as a U.S. Peace Corps Response Volunteer. He traveled the length and breadth of our country, lived in Malawi several years, and owns a small farm in the countryside. 

The Warm Heart of Africa

There is much truth in the national slogan, ‘The Warm Heart of Africa.’ Not only do the climate and lush vegetation conform effortlessly to every stereotypical image of tropical Africa, but the people of Malawi exude a warmth and friendliness that make most visitors feel instantly at home. Malawi may well be the most laid-back nation on earth. 

Malawi follows the dramatic contours of the Great Rift Valley with enormous mountains and a giant lake. The lake is 2,300’ deep and 360 miles long. Few countries are so dominated by a single geographical feature. Enclosed by sheer mountains and edged by seemingly endless palm-fringed sandy beaches, Lake Malawi is the most beautiful of Africa’s great lakes and the indisputable focal point of Malawi’s tourist industry.

Malawi also boasts national parks teeming with wildlife, ancient rock art sites, forests alive with tropical birds, and hiker-friendly plateaux such as Nyika, Mulanje, and Zomba. There’s also a wealth of forest reserves including the little-visited but highly accessible mountains around Dedza, Ntchisi and Mzimba. Our wildlife reserves are easy to visit and have an untrammelled and unpretentious appeal. The country’s small size, relatively well-maintained roads and unusually nippy public transportation spare visitors the arduous all-day trips that are part and parcel of travel elsewhere in Africa. Malawi is remarkably compact, affordable, and hassle-free.

Perhaps the greatest of Malawi’s attractions is a low-key charm that most visitors find thoroughly addictive. Many travelers fly into Africa barely aware that Malawi exists; by the time they return home a high proportion have come to regard it as their favorite African country. Whether you’re content to relax at the lake or prefer to actively explore little-visited mountains, forests and game reserves, it is difficult to think of a more agreeable place for easy, unstructured travel than Malawi.

Honorary Consul Responsibilities

The appointment of Honorary Consuls is an international practice guided by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963. The duties and responsibilities of Mr. Price include the following:

  • To protect the interests of Malawi and its nationals, both individuals and bodies corporate, within the limits prescribed by international law;
  • To engage with Malawian communities in Texas and enhance Diaspora engagement as prescribed in the Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy;
  • To encourage annual observation and/or celebration of Independence and other cultural milestones with Malawian nationals in Texas;
  • To enhance bilateral relations in trade, investment, tourism, economy, culture and science between Malawi and the United States of America;
  • To work with and seek out volunteer groups and other entities who have shown an interest in Malawi and help facilitate donations to Malawi in the areas of health, education and training.

Honorary Consul Biography

Mr. Price was raised in the mountain town of Lake Arrowhead, California and earned his Bachelor of Science in History and Art History and a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Economic Development from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. He was raised on safari lore and stories of his mother’s chance encounter with Mary Leakey in Tanzania. In 1972, she met the renowned paleoanthropologist at the site of her dig in Olduvai Gorge. Fueled by stories of his mother’s global adventures (by ship!) and his father’s passion for the ocean, Mr. Price embraced travel. 

Mr. Price has explored ten African countries, but the majority of his time was spent in Malawi, a country with 650 species of birds and 22 globally recognized Important Bird Areas. He first visited Malawi in 2009 and has lived in Chilomoni, Maninji, Machinga Boma, Lilongwe, Liwonde, and Liwonde National Park. After spending two years living inside a safari tent in Liwonde National Park managing a nonprofit education and health organization, he met with local chiefs and acquired a 25-acre piece of deforested land alongside the park boundary. Since 2012, he has employed locals to restore and protect the land for wildlife. Mr. Price's travels across Malawi brought him in contact with the best indigenous birders and wildlife guides in the region. He believes the best way to protect our global avian and wildlife heritage is to help indigenous people discover the tangible benefits of conservation as a sustainable source of income.



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