Passport DC "Around the World Embassy Tour"

Embassy of the Republic of Malawi in the United States , Tue, May 30, 2017

The Embassy of the Republic of Malawi in Washington, DC. participated in the annual Passport DC embassy open house "around the world Embassy tour” for the first time on 6th May, 2017. Being our first time we were overwhelmed with the Turn out of the event despite the weather; we had more than 4500 people who visited the Embassy from all over the United States. We show cased Malawi’s culture through curious, food samples, portraits, dances. The portraits comprised of our tourist destinations, landscape and scenery, Malawi’s history, map of Malawi, and calendar of events such as the Lake of stars amongst others, Malawian traditional dances were shown through video displays. We also show cased samples of Malawian trade products, made in Malawi such as, Mzuzu and Njuli coffee, Chombe Tea, Vodka, Brandy, Gin, Rice, Chilli sauces, snacks, Nuts, Sobo orange squash, beans and pulses etc. We had 3 women entrepreneurs who displayed some of their Malawian fashion accessories and clothing designs, representing Malawian traditional wear.

We had the privilege to be a part of Macys Global Fashion in collaboration with Tourism DC, where Malawi was one of the winning countries’ whose fashion was selected to be display at one of the Macys outlet in Washington DC. The winning designs were created by Lillian Koreia and Roy View Banda two upcoming Fashion designers’ based in Blantyre and Lilongwe Malawi.

It was good to see the excitement and surprises from people who have never heard about Malawi, we had many comments from the people of how they enjoyed and found the event very educative and informative during the tour of the Embassy and were happy that Malawi had taken part in this event and are looking forward to many more other similar events to come in the following years. We look forward to a greater and successful event next year with many more activities.