Free Malawi Tea Tasting Workshop

Discover five Malawi teas in the comfort of your own home at this free tea tasting workshop! on September 13, 2020 at 2:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time) Host: Jordan Price, Malawi's Honorary Consul. Sign up today at

Malawi. Occasionally confused with Mali or Maui, this southeast African nation follows the dramatic contours of the Great Rift Valley with enormous mountains and a lake 2,300’ deep and 360 miles long.

At this fun and free hour-long workshop, you'll relax at home sipping and learning about the science and art of crafting Malawi tea, a delicious artisanal crop. Malawi’s Honorary Consul Jordan Price and VIP guests Felix Lindeire and Kim Westerman will share insider secrets to enhance your tasting experience.

You'll learn cultivars, varietals, and specific processing details which make this tea special.

The five teas, fresh from Malawi, have been selected with Summer in mind. Some of the teas are perfect iced--and others as the chief component for a summertime cocktail. Recipes will be provided, along with a grid for recording your tea tasting experience.

(If you joined us for the June 14 tea tasting, please note the five teas selected are different. There are no repeats!)

One lucky participant will win a new copy of Marika Price and Zach Spitulski's “Pangy the Pangolin." With Zach’s design background and Marika’s love of happy stories, they turned a few notebook scribbles into a watercolor illustrated children’s book. It’s their dream to inspire more kids (and adults!) to love pangolins and they couldn’t be more excited to share Pangy’s story with you.